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Gang Stalking – Tracy gives us a head’s up

I am a victim of  organized harassment by the community. Many people see this as some type of joke . It is done by the community watch network, police, firemen and many others. It is a crime against women and humanity. Please Google “TARGETED INDIVIDUALS” and “GANG STALKING” to learn more about this.   [Editors … Continued

New Facebook Cover Photos!

Check out these awesome designs by supporter Sarah Foye. Now you can tell the virtual world that you don’t stand for street harassment, you Hollaback! at it! Download directly from this post , our multimedia page, or see all 7 designs on our Facebook page!

International Anti Street Harassment Day – March 20th

That’s right, the first day of spring has been officially declared Int’l Anti Street Harassment Day by author and street harassment expert, Holly Kearl. She says on her site: “Street harassment occurs year-round, but, without fail, each spring the warmer weather and longer daylight hours bring an increase in street harassment. With spring, we see … Continued