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“He didn’t stop” – Yael’s story

I was once followed for 20+ minutes by a guy asking me to marry him, even when my friends told him to stop, or when my friend wanted to pretend to be my boyfriend, he still did not stop. [got_back]

One Small Step – Guest Blog Post!

Guest blog post by our volunteer, Corrine: So I’m hanging out in a bar with some friends. It’s happy hour. People are drinking. We’re talking, we’re laughing, we’re having a good old time. Everything is great. Then out of nowhere this guy comes over to my friends, grabs my crotch, tries to kiss me, and … Continued

Summer Safety

Guest blog post by volunteers Tegan & Corrine   Summer; warm weather, a glorious time to be outside, enjoying the outdoors, going for walks, sitting out under the sun. At least, until someone decides to invade on your private space in a public area. Street harassment (being harassed or assaulted in a public space) unfortunately … Continued

Harassed by the Security Guards – Chelsea’s story

I was with two of my friends [ed. note: at a club] and one of my friends happened to be in the cross-fire of an absurd amount of harassment, about 5 incidents over the course of the night. The first few incidences of harassment came from the [venue’s] security guards, who inappropriately touched and grabbed my friend’s … Continued

NOT OK – Yuby’s story

I was at a party/club and I was surrounded by my (female) cousins and friends and a man came up behind me and grabbed my ass, walked away quickly, but then looked back to smile at me as if it was OK….which it wasn’t. [got_back]