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“Yuck.” – Caitlin’s story

I was on a crowded purple route bus going north at around 5pm on Saturday. I, and many others, were standing (we were all packed in pretty tight), when my butt was grabbed. I turned to look who had done it, and it was an elderly man (maybe 70?) who then proceeded to pat his … Continued

“I felt really upset and so disrespected.” – New story

I was walking along the road heading for the bus stop when a man I didn’t know walking the opposite way grabbed me by my breast. He then smiled and walked really fast to the next street coming up. I felt really upset and so disrespected. I walked onto Auburn Ave and called the police … Continued

“he just grabs my butt” – Rory’s story

I was on a crowded bus, and a really creepy guy was standing behind me. I was about to get off, since it was my stop and he was freaking me out. I take a small step forward and he just grabs my butt and squeezes it. I wasn’t able to ride that bus again … Continued

Groped On a Plane! – Dorothy’s story

Return flight on SW Air with friend from West Palm Beach FL to Baltimore I was sitting at the window & she was in the isle hoping to keep middle empty. A 40 something male came up & simply shifted his thumb up as if to say get up so he could sit. I gave … Continued

“He put his arm around my waist” – phone app submission

The other day I was along around with my friend. We’re both teenage girls and we were mid-conversation in a large space that was crowded but not immediately around us. All of a sudden a guy walks up right next to me from behind, put his arm around my waist, pulled me CLOSER and said … Continued

Groping: Not just a NYC subway problem!

We’re fans of the xojane site, especially when they conquer big social topics in a way young girls can relate to. After sharing “It Happened to Me: I was Groped” on our Facebook page, we got a few comments from local Bmore ladies about being groped. Just goes to show it can happen anywhere, not … Continued