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“I just wanted to go to work” – New story

I was walking to my unit to work dressed in my uniform when men that the hospital had hired from a staffing agency started whistling and talking about how big my breast were. The ring leader said when you gonna let me tap that. When I ignored him he said to the others “This b***h … Continued

Drugged – Zoey’s story

It was just this past Tuesday, September the 2nd 2014 I arrived at the Arundel Lodge at approximately 9am for a 9am therapist appointment. By lunch time at around 12pm I collapsed unconscious and face first into my lunch tray. The nurses on staff were unable to wake me & I was abruptly sent to … Continued

“That’s a man” – Aaleyah’s story

I was walking home from the store one night and a guy called out to me. His boys said “That’s a man” and he physically attacked me. I had to go to the hospital and I had to move for my safety. I am who I were today! No Fear! [got-back]