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“Hitting on literally every woman” – Mel’s story

Is “creepy” an option?? This guy was sitting in Mt Vernon Square today and hitting on LITERALLY every woman who walked by. Shortly after I sat down, he got up and (I thought) left. A few minutes later, though, he walked back over and he was looking straight at me and smiling. It was one … Continued

“I was ashamed…then I was angry” – am’s story

A man smacked me on the butt as he passed me when we were crossing the street in opposite directions. He laughed. I hid in [a convenience store] as he and his friend sat outside theĀ [convenience store] on the steps of the Peabody. I waited until they left before I left the [convenience store]. I … Continued

“I was so furious” – Laura’s story

I was walking out of [a hardware store], light bulb in hand. A car driving towards me in the parking lot slowed down and stopped in front of me. As I walked by a young man with another male in the passenger seat said, “Hey sexy”. I immediately became very angry and yelled at him, … Continued

An Awful Walk Home – Laura’s story

I was walking to my apartment from the subway after being at the gym, so I was wearing some loose fitted shorts, a band tee, and running shoes (not that it should matter). I live three blocks away and immediately after crossing the street a young male in the presence of a friend says, “Hey … Continued

“He kept yelling names at me” – phone app submission

I was waiting for my friend outside of a liquor store. A man walked up, walking too close. I yawned, involuntarily. He says “you look like you need a big shot of tequila.” I laughed and said no, a horrible thing to do but I had never experienced anyone talk to me like this. He … Continued

Not Having It – Rachel’s story

A group of construction workers were whistling at me while I crossed the street. I turned around and yelled at them “I really am the last person you want to whistle at!” This is why I don’t wear make up anymore and rarely even wear skirts and dresses. [got_back]

Sniffed & Ogled – submitted via phone app

Working on North Calvert, I’ve experienced it. Doing court runs for my job, I’m dodgy and withdrawn with headphones on and my eyes glued to the sidewalk. This day, I was INSIDE of the courthouse waiting for the elevator when an older man, maybe 60, stands very close to me and sniffs right by head. … Continued