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Summer Safety

Guest blog post by volunteers Tegan & Corrine   Summer; warm weather, a glorious time to be outside, enjoying the outdoors, going for walks, sitting out under the sun. At least, until someone decides to invade on your private space in a public area. Street harassment (being harassed or assaulted in a public space) unfortunately … Continued

NOT OK – Yuby’s story

I was at a party/club and I was surrounded by my (female) cousins and friends and a man came up behind me and grabbed my ass, walked away quickly, but then looked back to smile at me as if it was OK….which it wasn’t. [got_back]

PROCLAIM NO SHAME :: Official Photo

Here it is! The official photo from our 2013 PROCLAIM NO SHAME event (scroll to the end). We’ve written about the street harassment we experienced during the event, but I want to make clear why we felt the need to recreate this photo (below) in the first place. “BACKGROUND: The photo above that inspired this … Continued

It’s Our Party and We’ll Cry If We Want To!

We’re turning two! We would love love love to celebrate our 2nd birthday with you. The last two years we’ve worked really hard to raise awareness about street harassment and give women and LGBTQ folks tools to deal with it in the moment. With your help, we can end it street harassment. You can find … Continued

He Never Got The Hint – Ria’s story

Unfortunately my first and last visit to Ocean City, will be my last. This is about an incident at The jungle bar–I was with my friend – our dining experience will forever be negatively-colored by our boorish and loud neighbors. The table next to ours was filled with a party of 5-10 people who were … Continued

Street Harassment Diary – Mel’s week

I was inspired to write this account of street harassment-related events by Britni’s Diary from Hollaback Boston.  She has an insightful reflection on the effect that the mere threat of street harassment has on women and LGBTQ folks and her diary is definitely worth reading.   Day One: Tonight around 10pm I was out in … Continued

Interview: The Artists Behind FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture

By Shawna Potter Rebecca Nagle and Hannah Brancato are organizers, artists, activists and educators working in Baltimore, MD. Hannah Brancato began working to end violence against women when she created an art advocacy program based in a domestic violence shelter. She received her MFA in Community Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), … Continued