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Free of Suggestion – guest post

by Madeleine Buck, who recently created and donated a quilt square to FORCE’s Monument Quilt project.   Every city dweller periodically finds themselves wondering whether they’ll be able to go out in public without having to deal with a stranger’s commentary, and the common solution is to barely acknowledge or ignore any unsolicited appraisals of … Continued

Gropescape? Nopescape! – phone app submission

I was checking out the arcade room at Gamescape (Artscape). The room was dark other than the light emitted from arcade machines. I was holding my 14 month old daughter when I was groped from behind. The room was dark and I was so taken aback I didn’t think to accost the young men behind … Continued

FORCE: Turning Stories Into Action

Here at Hollaback! we know the importance of sharing stories. It’s how we vent, it’s how we raise awareness; it’s how we change the world. So when our friends at FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture asked if we would share their message below, we jumped at the chance. We know that street harassment is a gateway … Continued