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Surprising statistics for sexual harassment in the workplace

We here at Hollaback! Baltimore love having guest bloggers. It not only allows for a wide range of view points on street harassment, but it helps us show that street harassment is part of the spectrum of gender-based violence, and ties street harassment to other issues faced by women and LGBTQ folks. Here, Alice shares … Continued

Take Our Street Harassment Survey!

Be Part of an Internationally Coordinated Survey on Street Harassment In collaboration with our partners at Cornell University, Hollaback! now has a comprehensive, international survey about street harassment! This survey will allow for unprecedented data collection and analysis on street harassment, including data specific to us here in Baltimore! We need YOU to take the … Continued

Our choice of how to view street harassment matters

By Laurel Long for Hollaback Bmore! In January of 2011, I started working on an undergraduate thesis on street harassment. This began with me reading everything I could get my hands on about street harassment. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of academic literature on the topic; what few articles do exist tend to be … Continued

Our first annual “State of the Streets Report”

We’ve had an incredible year, and we want to celebrate it with you. Without you, none of this would have been possible. With you, everything is possible. Thanks for everything. We can’t wait to see what we create together in 2012! Check it out below: Open publication

Looking to chat with others about street harassment?

Street Harassment Focus Group Opportunity! The letter below has been submitted by an awesome young lady I met at Goucher’s Take Back The Night event. If anyone is interested please get in touch with her. I plan on being there myself and would love to meet some of our readers and story submitters! -Shawna, director … Continued