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A New Year, A New Phase for Hollaback! Baltimore – INTERVIEWS

After four years of running Hollaback!, Shawna and co-director Mel are passing the torch, making way for other local feminist leaders to shine. Read the interviews below to learn more about their experiences fighting street harassment, as well as their future endeavors. And then KEEP SCROLLING to meet your new site leaders, Brittany and Leah! … Continued

“I was ashamed…then I was angry” – am’s story

A man smacked me on the butt as he passed me when we were crossing the street in opposite directions. He laughed. I hid in [a convenience store] as he and his friend sat outside the [convenience store] on the steps of the Peabody. I waited until they left before I left the [convenience store]. I … Continued

Harassed by the Security Guards – Chelsea’s story

I was with two of my friends [ed. note: at a club] and one of my friends happened to be in the cross-fire of an absurd amount of harassment, about 5 incidents over the course of the night. The first few incidences of harassment came from the [venue’s] security guards, who inappropriately touched and grabbed my friend’s … Continued