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Women Can Also Be Street Harassers – guest post

 – guest post by volunteer, Khristina Rhead When it comes to street harassment sometimes women are guilty of being the harasser. We may not do it outwardly, but I am sure many of us have done it inwardly. For example, while walking down the street have you ever seen or interacted with another women whom … Continued


by Becca, Hollaback Baltimore Blogger The music video for “Sacrilege,” Yeah Yeah Yeah’s first release off their new album Mosquito, out April 16th, features Lily Cole, married woman and town slut, being burned alive at the stake. The predictable punch line: The perpetrators (men and women) have all had sex with her. Directed by Megaforce, … Continued

Stop Looking

by Becca, Hollaback Baltimore Blogger I know for a fact that I’m not the only person who was offended by this year’s Super Bowl ads. From the attack (kiss?) of the prom queen, to GoDaddy’s proclamation that men are brains and women are beauty, my female friends and I were a little bit thrown off, … Continued

Sexism in Rock Music.

Ok, there are about a billion angles we could cover under the subject of sexism in rock music (lack of female performers/engineers/booking agents, video vixens as objects, and of course, as a child of the 80’s myself, cherry pie.) Instead of rehashing old discussions, Hollaback Bmore! has decided to showcase a few recent blog posts … Continued