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“Hey Baby, how you doing?” – Dani’s story

I was on my bike after leaving [hardware store] stopped at a light, when an elderly man on the sidewalk started shouting at me, “Hey Baby, how you doing?” I told him that was rude, that I wasn’t his baby, and to stop it. He then started screaming at me and I biked on when … Continued

I hate the MTA more and more

I ride the 8 bus to and from work every day. That bus is never on time and it’s never clean, and yet it’s one of the best lines in the city. The intersections of North and Greenmount, 33rd and Greenmount, and Glennwood and York Rd are always busy and a little intimidating for a … Continued

I love the city, not the harassment – Cece’s story

On a short trip to and from the library on the corner of North and Pennsylvania I was verbally harassed three separate times. The first was a man crossing the street who kept asking me to go for a walk with him and said “I *like* white girls.” On the way back I heard comments … Continued

Next Time I’m Going to Speak Up! – Maddie B’s story

I just moved to Baltimore two weeks ago and was so excited to get settled into my new city. Three days into living in my new apartment I realized that a large construction project was starting in front of my house. Every day that I leave my apartment the construction workers ogle me, whistle, and … Continued