Tag: street harassment

“So I snarled” – Tracy’s story

Had my giant furry hood up because it’s still cold. A man came from behind and swoop from the side to get a good look at my face, so he was close enough for me to see his eyes light up as he spewed words. He walked with me, so I snarled.

“Yuck.” – Caitlin’s story

I was on a crowded purple route bus going north at around 5pm on Saturday. I, and many others, were standing (we were all packed in pretty tight), when my butt was grabbed. I turned to look who had done it, and it was an elderly man (maybe 70?) who then proceeded to pat his … Continued

“I felt really upset and so disrespected.” – New story

I was walking along the road heading for the bus stop when a man I didn’t know walking the opposite way grabbed me by my breast. He then smiled and walked really fast to the next street coming up. I felt really upset and so disrespected. I walked onto Auburn Ave and called the police … Continued

“We take care of each other.” – Dee’s story

I’m a (female)teacher doing research at [university], my alma mater. Walking back to my car from the library, from the media center exit. I walked by three men, two of whom who didn’t even look like students (no backpacks) as they called the female student walking in front of me disparaging names about her weight, … Continued

“Too early for this!” – Et’s story

I walked out of [coffee shop] heading to my 8 am class and was wearing headphones listening to music. A guy walked by me and I heard him say what sounded like “morning, beautiful”. I couldn’t tell for sure if that was what he said because I had music playing and I didn’t respond (not … Continued

“It felt empowering to be able to respond” – Mel’s story

I was just walking into work (around 8:50AM) — we enter our offices through a back alley that usually has people coming and going from other businesses. I saw someone walking down the alley towards me and gave a small smile and was about to say “good morning” as I sometimes do when I see … Continued