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Surprising statistics for sexual harassment in the workplace

We here at Hollaback! Baltimore love having guest bloggers. It not only allows for a wide range of view points on street harassment, but it helps us show that street harassment is part of the spectrum of gender-based violence, and ties street harassment to other issues faced by women and LGBTQ folks. Here, Alice shares … Continued

The verbal harassment has to stop – phone app submission

I do not live in the Baltimore area, I actually live in Springfield, Va. and the verbal harassment on the streets is almost as bad as any place else. Men here wink, and say the same things as the video seen by Hollaback! organization. I hope it can be decreased or stopped all together. Note … Continued

Men who feel entitled to yell at you in public.

I was walking down this street, a car drove by slowly since the light had only just turned green, and the guy driving said “You sexy as hell.” I yelled at the top of my lungs “Fuck you asshole, that’s street harassment!” It totally interrupted my good mood. Then my heart started racing as I … Continued

I’m Yawning Because Your Harassment is Tired.

Walking down the street to catch a bite, I yawned and then I heard some hero yell from his truck, “Yeah, girl”. Thanks dude! Almost forgot straight guys find women attractive! Silly me for just wanting to mind my own business. [got_back]

Stop Looking

by Becca, Hollaback Baltimore Blogger I know for a fact that I’m not the only person who was offended by this year’s Super Bowl ads. From the attack (kiss?) of the prom queen, to GoDaddy’s proclamation that men are brains and women are beauty, my female friends and I were a little bit thrown off, … Continued