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“Man Here” – why are people like this?

I was walking around Mt Vernon at dusk to get some light exercise. Just after I crossed Read St going north on Calvert, a small car sitting at the light honked rapidly. I kept walking, but when the light changed, and the car turned onto Calvert, pulled up alongside me, slowed down to match my … Continued

Proclaim No Shame – A Poem and A Picture

UPDATE: Here’s our photo – class of 2014! Street harassment, the male gaze, body-shame and -judgement, limiting gender roles, and all that other fun stuff can really keep us from moments like these. Moments where we sit, together, nourish ourselves and each other. Hope we can do it again next year!     Our guest … Continued

“That’s a man” – Aaleyah’s story

I was walking home from the store one night and a guy called out to me. His boys said “That’s a man” and he physically attacked me. I had to go to the hospital and I had to move for my safety. I am who I were today! No Fear! [got-back]

PROCLAIM NO SHAME :: Official Photo

Here it is! The official photo from our 2013 PROCLAIM NO SHAME event (scroll to the end). We’ve written about the street harassment we experienced during the event, but I want to make clear why we felt the need to recreate this photo (below) in the first place. “BACKGROUND: The photo above that inspired this … Continued

Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality

We are proud to be a part of the Maryland Coalition for Trans Equality! We are in great company, too. Here are a list of coalition members as of February 10th. ACLU of Maryland Advocates for Youth Baltimore Black Pride Black Trans Men Bois of Baltimore CASA of Maryland Equality Maryland FreeState Legal Project Gender … Continued

Original Poetry: Freedom Fighter

Freedom Fighter By monica stevens I’m the one who gazed into the eyes of the person on the #13 bus Who nudged the lady seated next to her and whispered loudly enough for everyone to hear “I think that’s a man!” Summoned up all of the positive inside Buried deep below dark caverns of negativity … Continued