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“Too early for this!” – Et’s story

I walked out of [coffee shop] heading to my 8 am class and was wearing headphones listening to music. A guy walked by me and I heard him say what sounded like “morning, beautiful”. I couldn’t tell for sure if that was what he said because I had music playing and I didn’t respond (not … Continued

“It felt empowering to be able to respond” – Mel’s story

I was just walking into work (around 8:50AM) — we enter our offices through a back alley that usually has people coming and going from other businesses. I saw someone walking down the alley towards me and gave a small smile and was about to say “good morning” as I sometimes do when I see … Continued

“I’m still watching you baby!” – Li’s story

I had parked my car and was on my way to meet a friend by Westminster Hall. As I was walking past the bus stop a man yells at me “Miss! Hey Miss! You need to stop walking like that because you’re turning me on!” I ignored him and waited to cross the street and … Continued

“some people only see you as a sex object” – Rose’s story

A gross old guy approached me as I was speedwalking to class from work. He looked me in the eye, said “I like the way them titties are bouncing up and down.” I kept walking but yelled “f— you, a–hole” over my shoulder at him. It’s hard to concentrate on school when you’re reminded that … Continued