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Surprising statistics for sexual harassment in the workplace

We here at Hollaback! Baltimore love having guest bloggers. It not only allows for a wide range of view points on street harassment, but it helps us show that street harassment is part of the spectrum of gender-based violence, and ties street harassment to other issues faced by women and LGBTQ folks. Here, Alice shares … Continued

I’m Yawning Because Your Harassment is Tired.

Walking down the street to catch a bite, I yawned and then I heard some hero yell from his truck, “Yeah, girl”. Thanks dude! Almost forgot straight guys find women attractive! Silly me for just wanting to mind my own business. [got_back]

Gang Stalking – Tracy gives us a head’s up

I am a victim of  organized harassment by the community. Many people see this as some type of joke . It is done by the community watch network, police, firemen and many others. It is a crime against women and humanity. Please Google “TARGETED INDIVIDUALS” and “GANG STALKING” to learn more about this.   [Editors … Continued

PROCLAIM NO SHAME :: Official Photo

Here it is! The official photo from our 2013 PROCLAIM NO SHAME event (scroll to the end). We’ve written about the street harassment we experienced during the event, but I want to make clear why we felt the need to recreate this photo (below) in the first place. “BACKGROUND: The photo above that inspired this … Continued

The Fight for Choice (A Sneaky Underhanded War)

by Becca, Hollaback! Baltimore Blogger I recently attended Sarah Erdreich’s talk on her first book Generation Roe at Pratt Library. She made an interesting comparison between the gay rights movement and the pro-choice movement: We have made substantial progress normalizing gay marriage, but very little progress normalizing abortion. Too many people viewed Roe v. Wade … Continued