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Sexual Harassment: It’s not always obvious – Nem’s story

While I was working in a government agency as a contractor, there was an older man who would constantly fawn and joke with another female coworker of mine.  Nothing over the line but it made for an uncomfortable situation.  The man was the office manager and was also manipulative and would throw out polite insults … Continued

Surprising statistics for sexual harassment in the workplace

We here at Hollaback! Baltimore love having guest bloggers. It not only allows for a wide range of view points on street harassment, but it helps us show that street harassment is part of the spectrum of gender-based violence, and ties street harassment to other issues faced by women and LGBTQ folks. Here, Alice shares … Continued

“Hey cutie pie” – phone app submission

I was walking back to work after getting lunch. I  hear, “Hey cutie pie”, yelled out of a guy’s car window. I said, “Don’t say that” and he said “But you’re a cutie pie” as he drove off. He said it in such a disgusting way, like I was child. Seriously, I felt infantilized. I … Continued

Sniffed & Ogled – submitted via phone app

Working on North Calvert, I’ve experienced it. Doing court runs for my job, I’m dodgy and withdrawn with headphones on and my eyes glued to the sidewalk. This day, I was INSIDE of the courthouse waiting for the elevator when an older man, maybe 60, stands very close to me and sniffs right by head. … Continued

Innappropriate “Hello” – Laura’s story

Me: 26 year old woman Him: 50ish year old man – a work supervisor in outdoor work setting, informal relationship setting He: sideways hugs around, with a butt tap as a ‘nice hello’… I: stepped away and said “No thank you.” [got_back]