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“I’m still watching you baby!” – Li’s story

I had parked my car and was on my way to meet a friend by Westminster Hall. As I was walking past the bus stop a man yells at me “Miss! Hey Miss! You need to stop walking like that because you’re turning me on!” I ignored him and waited to cross the street and … Continued

“some people only see you as a sex object” – Rose’s story

A gross old guy approached me as I was speedwalking to class from work. He looked me in the eye, said “I like the way them titties are bouncing up and down.” I kept walking but yelled “f— you, a–hole” over my shoulder at him. It’s hard to concentrate on school when you’re reminded that … Continued

“I was so furious” – Laura’s story

I was walking out of [a hardware store], light bulb in hand. A car driving towards me in the parking lot slowed down and stopped in front of me. As I walked by a young man with another male in the passenger seat said, “Hey sexy”. I immediately became very angry and yelled at him, … Continued

I hate the MTA more and more

I ride the 8 bus to and from work every day. That bus is never on time and it’s never clean, and yet it’s one of the best lines in the city. The intersections of North and Greenmount, 33rd and Greenmount, and Glennwood and York Rd are always busy and a little intimidating for a … Continued

It’s too early to ask me, “D**k suck?” – Becca’s story

This morning I was walking home by myself when a group of men stopped at a traffic light. As I walked by, they rolled down the window and one of them shouted, “Sup?” When I didn’t respond, he thought an appropriate response was to ask “Dick suck?!” I still didn’t respond and just kept walking. … Continued